At 09:52 2000-09-22 -0700, you wrote:
>Just as a note, I was backing up my Tangerine iBook (color is the most
>important feature, right?) over 100 BaseT to a FireWire hard drive on my
>desktop computer and saw over 200 MB/min transfers for the entire backup.
>If you have a mixed 10 and 100 network, it makes sense to get everyone over
>to 100 if possible. The four times speed increase for network backup is well
>worth it in my opinion.

That must be to a harddrive? I only get 67 MB/min...but the VXA isn't
connected to a scsi-2, just the scsi-1 "out-of-the-box" G3 desktop at about
233 MHz with an additional 100 MBit PCI card.

The only computer running at 10 MBit is our isdn server, an old but
important quadra 950. That computer is the best computer we have! Never any
restarts and never any trouble! :-)

If our switches are running at 10/100 MBit speed, isn't the switch running
at maximum possible speed between two computers?


/ jakob

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