Irena said:

>Here's a little background on how the Retrospect client deals with network
>connectivity, so we can better understands why this is happening and how it
>might be addressed.
>The Retrospect client does in fact initiate a check of the network once an
>hour. It sends a request to Open Transport; if this is configured to use a
>dial-up connection, a dial-up will be initiated at that time. As mentioned,
>OT doesn't communicate the protocol to the client.

This should only be problematic with clients set to use PPP in the Open Transport 
Control Panel.

However, if the clients are set to use Ethernet and the LAN has a Routed 
dial-on-demand Internet connection, what happens when the clients initiate a network 
check? If the packet is destined for the LAN the Router would not initiate a call - 
but is that the case?

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