At 10:12 PM +1100 09/25/00, John F. Lambert wrote:

>>Ken Gillett wrote:
>>>  But I still maintain that NO software should cause unrequested
>>>  dialups, I'm sorry if you don't agree. I don't accept that it is
>>>  beyond the realms of possibility to only perform such checks if it
>>>  doesn't cause a dialup.
>>Peter S., the IPNR author, gets this type of bashing on his list all the
>>time. His answer, and I assume it's true, is that a program can't tell
>>if it's on a dial up connection. The OT code hides this from you. This
>>causes a lot of support headaches for him as many of the problems are in
>>the dialing, and he has no control over when and how that's happening.
>Dantz needs the same check box on it's client software

        I'm under the impression that the client software does not 
attempt to communicate with the network unless polled by the server. 
All connections are initiated with a broadcast from a Retrospect 
Backup Server (or script).

        I have 2 G3 notebooks.  Both have Retrospect installed and 
have identical OSs (9.0.4).  One of them has this problem while the 
other does not.  The problem appeared when the laptop's user took it 
to a foreign network and they changed something in the configuration. 
I've been attempting to locate what changed.  I suspect the laptop is 
attempting to use NTP from the date and time control panel (however, 
this does not cause the dial-up effect on dial-up only machines).

        I have noticed that the date and time CP on a dial-up only 
computer will attempt to connect to an NTP server the very moment you 
dial.  If the connection fails (poor line quality or busy signals...) 
the system reports a time-server error.  I suspect that while on a 
network and using the Location Manager to switch from Network to 
Dial-Up (without rebooting) the date and time control panel continues 
to check the time server.  I haven't verified this behavior, it's 
just suspicious.  I recall this being talked about on this thread 
earlier, but never read about any resolution.

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