>>I'm running it on a beige G3 300MHz desktop. I wouldn't trust a Power
>>Computing system as a backup server...those are the Packard-Bell of the Mac
>>clone world.

>Actually, most of the motherboards are the same as the Apple equivalents.  They 
>changed other things like floppy drives and CD-ROM drives to a cheaper 3rd party 
>I had a customer that had a Power Computing PPC.  Equivalent to the 8500. I opened it 
>up and the motherboard had an Apple part number on it.  The processor board was made 
>by someone else.  The floppy drive had died within months of getting the system.  The 
>CD-ROM drive makes an awful noise, but it still works.  The power supply is basically 
>an ATX power supply that was modified a little.

I think that is exactly what the first contributor meant when he said he wouldn't 
trust one!

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