The VXA isn't on a PPC as the backup server. The PPC is only a 
workbench I'm using to test the drive. I'm trying to figure out why 
the device is always blowing up in use with hardware sense code 
failures or stuck tapes. This is the second drive we've gotten from 

The backup system is a blue G3 with an Adaptec 2930CU card installed 
for the SCSI bus. I can't find any firmware updaters or drivers on 
Adaptec's site for this card for Macintoshes. I'm thinking of putting 
the tape drive on its own bus with an Adaptec 2906 SCSI-2 card.

Needless to say, I'd really like this drive to be rock stable, and so 
far it hasn't been. If anyone has any advice pro or con on using the 
2906, I'd like to hear it.

On 9/27/00, Jon Gardner  sent an email about Re: VXA Mac Tool

>I'm running it on a beige G3 300MHz desktop. I wouldn't trust a Power
>Computing system as a backup server...those are the Packard-Bell of the Mac
>clone world.

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