>Are there any conflicts between these two?
>A B+W G3 fileserver of ours has been crashing consistently during the
>compare process (while the Retrospect server logs a 519 error). Last Night I
>Stopped ASIP and restarted with all of its extensions disabled (and a few
>other unnecessary: Colorsync, ARA, and a few MS and Macromedia Internet
>extensions) and the backup went without a hitch.

ASIP 6.2 is a bad puppy in and of itself. Frankly, I'd upgrade it to 
6.3.x and Retrospect to 4.3. Then see if those nasty 519's clear up and 
let us know. Of course, I'd strongly encourage moving the Retrospect 
server to a machine that isn't running ASIP also, but that may not be 
possible for everyone.


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