You should also make sure that you have the AppleShare Memory Manager
extension if it is required for your configuration. From the Retrospect 4.3

AppleShare IP 5.0 or later may freeze or crash when Retrospect is open,
though Retrospect is not the cause. Apple Computer has provided a fix for
this problem with AppleShare IP, an extension known as the AppleShare Memory
Manager, which you should obtain and use. You can learn more about and
download the extension from Apple:

In response to your question, though, no, there are no direct conflicts
between the Retrospect client and ASIP 6.x.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support

> Matt, you need to make sure you put a filter in there to not backup
> the mail database.  Otherwise it will lock up every time.
> Do an Exclude filter on "AppleShare IP Mail" database
> This worked for me.  Of course, it's not backing up the mail
> database.  There is a script that Dantz supplies that will shutdown
> the mail server, make a duplicate of the AppleShare IP Mail database
> and then start the server back up. It works great, but you still need
> the filter.  It will just backup the copy of the database.
>> Are there any conflicts between these two?
>> A B+W G3 fileserver of ours has been crashing consistently during the
>> compare process (while the Retrospect server logs a 519 error). Last Night I
>> Stopped ASIP and restarted with all of its extensions disabled (and a few
>> other unnecessary: Colorsync, ARA, and a few MS and Macromedia Internet
>> extensions) and the backup went without a hitch.
>> TIA
>> -matt

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