Retrospect should not corrupt anything.  The worst case is that the 
mail files will not be backed up.

Why?   Retrospect does a scan of the volume and reads in all the 
names and modification dates.  If the modification date is changed 
between the scan and when the file is actually suppose to be backed 
up, it will be skipped.

I assume that you have the ASIP mail server not running as well. Make 
sure it is not.  That's a conflict with EIMS.

To get around those possible problems, you need to make sure EIMS is 
shutdown during the backup.  Also make sure that all clients are 
disconnected from the file server to avoid them changing files during 
the backup.

>I am running AppleShare IP, Retrospect, and EIMS on the same server.  Will I
>run into any problems when I do a backup of that machine?  I don't want to
>corrupt any of the EIMS mail data.

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