Irena Solomon at [EMAIL PROTECTED] said this:

> You should also make sure that you have the AppleShare Memory Manager
> extension if it is required for your configuration. From the Retrospect 4.3
> Readme:

I'm going to try this out, however it's odd that I moved our (new) hard
drive and it's SCSI LVD Card and cable to a different machine and the backup
went fine. This seems to point to the built in Ethernet or motherboard of
the problem machine, however I'm not sure how I could troubleshoot that
further other than adding a third party NIC. Has anyone on this list
resolved this type of problem by replacing a motherboard or using a PCI NIC
instead of the built in Ethernet port?

> AppleShare IP 5.0 or later may freeze or crash when Retrospect is open,
> though Retrospect is not the cause. Apple Computer has provided a fix for
> this problem with AppleShare IP, an extension known as the AppleShare Memory
> Manager, which you should obtain and use. You can learn more about and
> download the extension from Apple:

Here is an updated version, which makes no mention of OS's later than 8.1.
This worries me as our problem machine runs 8.6

>> Matt, you need to make sure you put a filter in there to not backup
>> the mail database.  Otherwise it will lock up every time.

This isn't it as we don't back up the "AppleShare IP Data" file, only a
folder that is located at root level.

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