Did the speed decrease happen between the backup switch and the 
basement switch?  or was that within one switch?

Take a look at duplexing if you are crossing over the switches.  Make 
sure everything got set to either half or full (one OR the other). 
Be sure that the duplexing between the switches is all the same, full 
duplex them all if you can.

Is the network fairly quiet when the backup is running (besides the 
backup of course)?
Meaning, is there other traffic while the backup is taking place?  Do 
you have more than one backup machine going across the uplinks?

You have a fairly decent setup, and switches should not be showing 
internal traffic (traffic local to that switch) to the other switches.

Hope this helps.

>How much speed is wasted when uplinking 100MBit swiches?
>He have just expended and the back-up used to be something like 70 MB / min
>and now it's down to less than 40 MB / min!
>[backup switch] <- [main switch] -> [basement switch]
>The arrows indicates the uplink.
>Backup switch is an Asante, the main is a D-Link and the basement switch is
>an Intelswitch.
>This post is more a network issue rather than Retrospect but I don't know
>where to turn and I know there are many networking geeks on this list! :-)
>/ jakob

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