At 10:42 2000-12-07 -0900, you wrote:
>Did the speed decrease happen between the backup switch and the 
>basement switch?  or was that within one switch?

I haven't done so much research on this topic since it came so
unexpectedley. I have LOADS of stuff to do so the good old phrase "if it
works don't touch it" could be very appropriet here... I'm a webbprogrammer
and the network guy at the same time.

>Take a look at duplexing if you are crossing over the switches.  Make 
>sure everything got set to either half or full (one OR the other). 
>Be sure that the duplexing between the switches is all the same, full 
>duplex them all if you can.

Duplex seems to be an important issue. All our hardware runs at 100 MBit
(one computer excluded).

>Is the network fairly quiet when the backup is running (besides the 
>backup of course)?
>Meaning, is there other traffic while the backup is taking place?  Do 
>you have more than one backup machine going across the uplinks?

I would say the network is nothing but quiet! Back-up starts at 10 PM and
used to be finished before I come to work at 7:00.

>You have a fairly decent setup, and switches should not be showing 
>internal traffic (traffic local to that switch) to the other switches.

In the basement we have the "printhouse section" so during day that part is
fairly bussy. But still, if above is true we have a pretty quite network
all the time!


I have just done the uplink. no extra fiddle with software etc. maybe
that's the problem!? :-)


/ jakob

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