On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, jakob krabbe wrote:

> Duplex seems to be an important issue. All our hardware runs at 100
> MBit (one computer excluded).

You probably already know this, but just in case:  Even though all of your
hardware is running at 100 Mbps, the devices' duplex settings must match
at each end of a given connection.  The Apple System Profiler will tell
you the duplex (and speed) setting of later-model Macs, and a managed
switch will provide that information on each of its ports.

In testing this just the other day, a copy of nested files and folders
that should have taken about nine seconds at 100 Mbps with matched (in
this case full) duplex settings took about 1.5 *minutes* when one of the
devices was forced to half duplex.  YMMV.


Mark E. Ingram


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