On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Mark wrote:

> We upgraded an OS 8.6/ASIP 6.2 G4 to Retrospect 4.3, and for each of
> the past three mornings since the upgrade, the server has been found
> with ASIP in the foreground, and Retrospect in the background with the
> dialogue box saying, "Do you really want to stop [Backup Set
> Umpty-Ump]? <CANCEL> <OK>" Each backup session uses the same script,
> is set to run at 11:59 PM, and takes only about 30 seconds
> (incremental).
> *Nobody* has been in the locked server room at these ungodly hours -
> least of all for three nights in a row - nor has anybody had indirect
> access via Timbuktu or similar.  Retrospect 4.3 has been the *only*
> change.  Is there something about the new program that could cause
> this behavior?
> Meanwhile, I think we'll try version 4.2 for tonight's backup.

This problem completely disappeared under Retrospect 4.2.  Stay tuned.


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