OK, I promised an update on this...

Things are OK on this issue. I had to define subvolumes in order to make
this folder back up, and that was a pain, but seems to work OK. The biggest
problem is that if I add new folders I have to then also add them as
defined subvolumes in Retrospect and edit the script. That leads to more
administration than I would like, but Dantz says the fix is on the way...
The full backup takes the better part of the weekend, and the dailies go
into the middle of the morning, but by then they are just doing our less
busy servers.

I had hoped to add some of the desktops to the script, a few at a time, to
see how much more time it would take to back up the whole office, but I
have to get the servers running well first.

I have also run into problems with St Bernards OFM, which I use to backup
open files. It is incompatible with NT 4.0 services for Macintosh, and It
caused Retrospect to hang pretty tight during the backup last night. There
is a soon to be released patch from microsoft, but it isn't available
yet.... at least not for free download. Does anyone know if Win2k suffers
the same problem? (info here:
http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q242/8/96.ASP )

Another question for the group: I have an Exabyte 230D tape library, which
has 30 DLT slots and one DLT drive. There is an option to add a second DLT
drive to the box, and it can be on the same or a different SCSI bus. Can
someone explain the advantages of having a second drive in the library?
would it make it possible to backup two clients at once? Of maybe do a
backup to one drive while doing the compares and verification to the other?
Does Retrospect support that?

Lots to read, and more questions than answers, sorry!


Ben Liberman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 12/06/2000 10:59:31 AM

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At 10:05 -0800 12/6/00, Ben Eastwood wrote:
>AHHH HA! Thanks Eric, that explains alot... the folder I backed up had
>over 300K files and the memory usage was pretty high during some portions
>of the process. Thanks for the workaround. Any ETA on the fix?

Hey Ben, if it's not too much trouble, I'm sure that some of us would
like to know how your backups go after you make the changes.


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