Ok, I've got another strange problem.  We are in the process of 
moving our backups from an older PC to a newer PC.

We installed Windows 98v2 (not my choice, but we had to) and did all 
the Windows updates.

Installed Retrospect 5.0 and now when Retrospect is running, the 
floppy drive just rattles.

Updated to 5.15, no change.

The "new" System is a Pentium III - 550, CD-ROM and CD-WR.  SCSI card 
with a DLT drive connected to it.  (well, the DLT is not connected 
yet, but it will be)

The old system is a Pentium Pro 200.

Any ideas on this?  I looked for a little while on the web sites and 
could not find anything related to this problem.  I was wondering if 
the ASPI driver has something to do with it as we just clicked 
NEXT->NEXT->FINISHED all through the installation, accepting all 
defaults and I noticed that it said that it was installing the ASPI 
drivers as well.



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