Michael Kennard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I much prefer a Mac any day.  <

Trust yr heart, Michael ...  ;-)
I started with a Tandy, was intimately familiar with DOS -- even Edlin
-- in pre-Windows days ... but:

the ease of troubleshooting a Mac, ease of installing/removing yr own
RAM and cards (especially in the G4s), the savings in not having to send
the machine out for repairs, ability to know where to find any file
(including System files) immediately without having to sort out a
billion subdirectories then guessing at the cryptic naming scheme, being
able to use the G4 as server, the mind-boggling speed of the G4s
compared with PCs (closest thing to telepathy-with-a-machine I've ever
experienced!), and the fact that G4s DON'T CRASH (at least, mine hasn't
in over 8 months, daily use, except twice when I had NetsCom's memory
set too low THAT app kept locking me up), Retrospect's stunning speed
and reliability when backing up my (admittedly small) 27gigs of hard
drives -- I wouldn't part with my Mac, not for a dozen FREE
anything-elses ...

Given a choice, it hardly seems logical for anyone to WILLINGLY opt for
an inadequate yesterday-machine  :-)

     - ilyes

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