I'm actually the lone mac support in a large organisation. I would 
never give up my mac but the company uses PeeCees and I need to 
support that world as well. So I need to find the best solution for 
support without making it too obvious that I'm terribly biased. How 
many times have I said "get a mac" but I also get the same version 
for PC as well.

It's funny how the latest and greatest isn't always the best solution 
as evidenced by Retrospect for PC. I think the Mac version is 
actually a good product.


>Michael Kennard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  I much prefer a Mac any day.  <
>Trust yr heart, Michael ...  ;-)
>I started with a Tandy, was intimately familiar with DOS -- even Edlin
>-- in pre-Windows days ... but:
>the ease of troubleshooting a Mac, ease of installing/removing yr own
>RAM and cards (especially in the G4s), the savings in not having to send
>the machine out for repairs, ability to know where to find any file
>(including System files) immediately without having to sort out a
>billion subdirectories then guessing at the cryptic naming scheme, being
>able to use the G4 as server, the mind-boggling speed of the G4s
>compared with PCs (closest thing to telepathy-with-a-machine I've ever
>experienced!), and the fact that G4s DON'T CRASH (at least, mine hasn't
>in over 8 months, daily use, except twice when I had NetsCom's memory
>set too low THAT app kept locking me up), Retrospect's stunning speed
>and reliability when backing up my (admittedly small) 27gigs of hard
>drives -- I wouldn't part with my Mac, not for a dozen FREE
>anything-elses ...
>Given a choice, it hardly seems logical for anyone to WILLINGLY opt for
>an inadequate yesterday-machine  :-)

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