The question I have is related to load. You stated there are issues 
with security permissions and registry data during comparison. Yet I 
have noticed that the load on the server and the client much larger 
when backing up a windows client than a mac client. This during the 
whole backup process. Is this a problem with the mac server or the 
windows client.


>Hi Michael,
>Most likely, these differences boil down to NTFS security permissions and
>registry data. This data is backed up during the snapshot phase. Both are
>stored with the snapshot, and the most recent snapshot from each volume is
>saved in the catalog. So your assumption is correct--there's more data being
>stored in your Retrospect for Windows catalog files.
>The Mac verion of Retrospect is unable to back up NTFS security permissions
>or Windows 2000 system state data. It is only able to get the NT/2000
>registry with the aid of the Dantz Registry Backup Manager (REGMAN.EXE). We
>are planning to change this, but it's still a ways off.
>I hope this helps.
>Eric Ullman
>Dantz Development
>Michael Kennard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  I know this was discussed late last year but this still baffles me...
>>  The PC takes ages to do a snapshot whereas the mac doesn't take
>>  anytime. Shouldn't the PC gather all the information it needs at the
>>  start when it's reading the disk or does it change a flag on the
>>  files/folders to mark that a backup has been done.
>>  The second thing that baffles me is that a catalog on a mac is about
>>  1/4 of the size of the PC. They both backup Macs and PC's. There must
>>  be a lot more information being stored on Retrospect for PC.
>>  People at the Paris and Brussels office want to go to ArcServe but
>>  from what I read that is a definite backwards step. I think I might
>>  dump the PC's and go back to the Mac if this continues.
>>  What are the advantages of the PC version over the Mac? I much prefer
>>  a Mac any day.
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