I know this was discussed late last year but this still baffles me...

The PC takes ages to do a snapshot whereas the mac doesn't take 
anytime. Shouldn't the PC gather all the information it needs at the 
start when it's reading the disk or does it change a flag on the 
files/folders to mark that a backup has been done.

The second thing that baffles me is that a catalog on a mac is about 
1/4 of the size of the PC. They both backup Macs and PC's. There must 
be a lot more information being stored on Retrospect for PC.

People at the Paris and Brussels office want to go to ArcServe but 
from what I read that is a definite backwards step. I think I might 
dump the PC's and go back to the Mac if this continues.

What are the advantages of the PC version over the Mac? I much prefer 
a Mac any day.


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