Thanks Eric,

Well I do think something needs to be done to fix this, the situation 
is going to get worse. Imagine Win2001 or something like that, the 
base installation will be enormous, many files and peoples needs ever 
increasing. Only 10 years ago I was fine with 20mg, these days it's 

Add to this, what will happen with OSX, this uses extensive file 
permissions and there are now thousands files to go through, yikes.

I might move the servers back to mac, documents are far more 
important to get backed up than waiting in a queue to get file 
permissions. Will this speed up if I tell it not to backup the 
security?? I'll test this.


>Hi Michael,
>Most likely, these differences boil down to NTFS security permissions and
>registry data. This data is backed up during the snapshot phase. Both are
>stored with the snapshot, and the most recent snapshot from each volume is
>saved in the catalog. So your assumption is correct--there's more data being
>stored in your Retrospect for Windows catalog files.
>The Mac verion of Retrospect is unable to back up NTFS security permissions
>or Windows 2000 system state data. It is only able to get the NT/2000
>registry with the aid of the Dantz Registry Backup Manager (REGMAN.EXE). We
>are planning to change this, but it's still a ways off.
>I hope this helps.
>Eric Ullman
>Dantz Development
>Michael Kennard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  I know this was discussed late last year but this still baffles me...
>>  The PC takes ages to do a snapshot whereas the mac doesn't take
>>  anytime. Shouldn't the PC gather all the information it needs at the
>>  start when it's reading the disk or does it change a flag on the
>>  files/folders to mark that a backup has been done.
>>  The second thing that baffles me is that a catalog on a mac is about
>>  1/4 of the size of the PC. They both backup Macs and PC's. There must
>>  be a lot more information being stored on Retrospect for PC.
>>  People at the Paris and Brussels office want to go to ArcServe but
>>  from what I read that is a definite backwards step. I think I might
>>  dump the PC's and go back to the Mac if this continues.
>>  What are the advantages of the PC version over the Mac? I much prefer
>>  a Mac any day.
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