I'm using Retrospect 4.3 on a Mac to backup almost all of the computers 
on my network. Among these is an NT 4.0 server (service pack 6a). I've 
configured the Macshare volumes per Dantz's recommendations, but I am 
having problems with some of the non-Mac spaces. There is in fact one 
whole directory that seems to generate a -24007 "Access denied" error. I 
could find no reference to this error at Dantz's site, so I thought I'd 
check with the list. I'm no NT whiz by any means, so be gentle. I do know 
the basics of setting permissions and such. I've checked all of those I 
don't see any glaring problems. I even set up a user with the name of my 
Mac and gave it Administrator-type privileges, thinking maybe that would 
work. Perhaps I am still missing something. Any ideas?

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