I wish there were a way to skip over a client that begins having
troubles after a backup has begun.  I have a client machine that
sometimes stops responding while a backup of it is running (wish I
could fix it, but it's not my machine!).  At that point, my backup
script stops and doesn't advance.  I get no error message (contact
with the client isn't lost, it just stops for some reason).  There is
no way for me to tell Retrospect to skip that client and continue the
backup without going to the client and turning it off from there.
Could there be both and automated and a manual way to skip the
problematic client in cases like this?

An automated way could be to say something like "Don't allow this
particular client to take more than 120 minutes during a Normal backup
and 4 hours during a New or Recycle backup." and skip it after that


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