At 07:20 17.01.01 -0700, Douglas B. McKay wrote:
>I wish there were a way to skip over a client that begins having
>troubles after a backup has begun.  I have a client machine that
>sometimes stops responding while a backup of it is running (wish I
>could fix it, but it's not my machine!).  At that point, my backup
>script stops and doesn't advance.  I get no error message (contact
>with the client isn't lost, it just stops for some reason).  There is
>no way for me to tell Retrospect to skip that client and continue the
>backup without going to the client and turning it off from there.
>Could there be both and automated and a manual way to skip the
>problematic client in cases like this?


you are making yet another point for a server-side holding disk. It would 
enable clients to backup their stuff no matter what other clients - or, as 
in my case, a s.l.o.w local disks - do.

Clients that lag behind would then simply consume less net / disk bandwith, 
being eventually killed by a generous timeout.



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