> Hi all,
>     Apart from repeatedly badgering users to make sure Outlook is quit
> before having the backup run, is there any fix in the works for the
> Mac version of Retrospect to back up the "open" Outlook *.pst files
> when backing up PCs? ...
>     Or is this something the PC version of Retrospect backs up
> correctly (like the Win2000 registry issue somebody pointed out a
> while back?)

If you run backups from a Windows box, you can tell the Retrospect Client to
exit Outlook 2000, start the backup, and then restart Outlook 2000.

One thing you can do for any client (and for any file, not just Outlook) is
to use autoexec.bat to make a copy of the file on start-up. It will slow the
start-up speed, but it will also ensure a good .pst file is available for

Checking the user option to leave mail on the server until filed/deleted
plus this type of backup will ensure no in-bound email is lost.


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