>My boss is really leery of Ecrix, no matter how much I push it. She's 
>worried that, should something happen to the company in two years or 
>so (since they're the only one doing this kind of tape/drive now), we 
>won't have the $$ in our budget to purchase a whole new system. I 
>keep working on her. :)


I don't buy that argument. What if Sony decides to stop making AIT's? 
Then what? Sony's AIT is just as proprietary as Ecrix's VXA. After all, 
isn't the MacOS proprietary -- now? And DLT was proprietary at the 
beginning too. I look at it like this...somebody has to be the first and 
they're going to work with their proprietary formula until some other 
company decides to pay the licensing or OEM (or whatever they're called 
in hardware) fees. 


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