> DLT has not addressed that issue.  Since linear pulls the tape across the
> heads at a faster rate (150 inches per second vs helical scan's .5"/second),
> it requires streaming -- otherwise you end up "shoe-shining".  This
> reposition is very intense on the heads/tape of a linear drive.
> This applies to more than just DLT.  Anything linear can suffer from this.
> 4mm, AIT and M2 are not plagued with this problem.

Not really. AIT and DAT and I assume M2 spin the heads and slow down the
tape but the relative speeds are in the same neighborhood. (I assume
it's easier to spin the heads faster than move the tape faster which is
why DLT appears to be falling behind in the race.) Anyway, you still
need to keep the data flowing at the speed of the drive or it will stop
streaming and get into tape stuttering or rewinds to reposition. This
also causes a large loss in tape capacity as there's a lot of recording
overhead in starting or stopping a stream.

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