Hi Mark,

Retrospect does internal consistency checks to ensure internal operations
are fine. Typically this is an indication that an internal file in use by
Retrospect has been corrupted.

This particular assert we are currently tracking and believe it to be ASIP
Memory Management-related. Most users who have seen this error report that
after restarting the assert does not reproduce. In the instances where it
was reproducible, we've found that disabling third-party server
administration tools have been effective in addressing it.

You're right, the error code is not on the "Common Error Codes" section, but
it is in the Knowledgebase. If you have questions, of course, please give us
a call.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
Try our Searchable Knowledgebase at:

> Subject: Retrospect 4.3 (Mac) Assertion Check?
> Retrospect Experts:
> I am copying Dantz on this, but a search of the Retrospect error list on
> their Web site does not mention this one:
> Trouble in Retrospect:
> Internal consistency check failed:
> Assertion check at "elem16.c-438"  [Quit]
> This is with version 4.3, and a relaunch of the program has begun the
> scripted backup that had been aborted at Midnight due to the above issue.
> Does this sound familiar to anyone here?
> Regards,
> Mark E. Ingram

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