On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Irena Solomon wrote:

> This particular assert we are currently tracking and believe it to be
> ASIP Memory Management-related. Most users who have seen this error
> report that after restarting the assert does not reproduce.

Thanks for the quick reply, Irena.  In our case, simply restarting the
Retrospect application seemed to cure the problem - at least for now.

> In the instances where it was reproducible, we've found that disabling
> third-party server administration tools have been effective in
> addressing it.

Such tools as Timbuktu?  This is an OS 8.6/ASIP 6.2.2 7250 server that has
run successive versions of Retrospect 4.x (and TB2 4.x and 5.x) for at
least two years, and this is the very first time for this little problem
to occur.  However, it *seems* to be specific to Retro 4.3, and we may try
a regression to Retro 4.2 if the behavior persists.

Keep your fingers crossed <g>.

Thanks again,


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