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> Dag Wieers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Erik,
>> Revelation cannot handle a disk-full situation. I just lost all my 
>> passwords (file was 0 bytes in size).
>> This is a disgrace for Unix, as all programs have the same problem.
>> Important files are not protected against disks that are full.
> It shouldn't be that hard to protect against either.  Just write to a
> temporary file and rename(2) when finished (of course, provided the
> close(2) and all write(2) calls succeeded.

But as you said, that breaks hard-links (who has hard-links to such
files anyway?).  However, what if you first write to a temporary file,
then to the real file, and unlink the temp file if the close() and all
write()s to the real file succeeded?

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