> Quoting Henrik Grindal Bakken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> But as you said, that breaks hard-links (who has hard-links to such
>> files anyway?).  However, what if you first write to a temporary file,
>> then to the real file, and unlink the temp file if the close() and all
>> write()s to the real file succeeded?
> Well, there are a few issues with this; one is that it introduces alot of
> overhead, especially when saving over network.

Well, these files are normally relatively small, aren't they?

> Another is when one only has write-access to the data file and not
> the parent directory, causing the creation of the tempfile to fail.

Another possibility is to write the tempfile to /tmp.  It will be deleted
when the real file is closed, but until then, it's kept as a backup.
Obviously, if the real write (or close) fails, the user must be told,
so he can take some action and save off the tempfile somewhere.

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