On 10/7/2008 8:24 AM, Marcos wrote:
> Post-review does not seem to like diffs in binary files, I was
> wondering why even try do diff them.
> So I did some changes on post-review to use a ignore_extensions.
> So before processing a file, I did this:
>             ignore_extension_found = False
>             for extension in ignore_extensions:
>                 find_return = depot_path.find(extension)
>                 if find_return != -1:
>                     debug("Ignored file %s" % depot_path)
>                     ignore_extension_found = True
>                     break
>             if ignore_extension_found:
>                 continue
> Just thought on posting it here, in case someone else needs it.

Could you post the error(s) you get without the change? I'm successfully 
using post review with binary files (in that they are marked as binary 
and they are not diff'd in the diffviewer). I suspect it depends on the 
SCM in use.


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