On 10/8/2008 3:45 PM, Paulo Eduardo Neves wrote:
> ......
> my problem with cygwin is that I'll have to deploy the client in
> dozens of developer Windows machines. I don't want to force everybody
> to install cygwin just to have diff.

Don't forget that the patch requirement is only on the SERVER, it might 
be worth trying cygwin on the server only and using the standalone 
diffutils for the clients. I have to confess I've not tried using 
post-review with svn clients on Windows (so I'm not clear what the 
requirements are). BUT I am using cygwin patch on a Windows server (the 
scm tool I use on the client's has it's own diff built in).

One thing I did come across a while back is that Tortoise SVN does 
support command line arguments, you may be able to simply generate the 
patch(es) using that without any other tools on the clients.

> I've tried unxutils links but it still didn't work. I've tried cygwin
> and the problem persists! Then I tried to delete the file where the
> problem is happening... and it works!
> I don't know if it will be a common error or just really bad luck.

Doh! I'd be interested to hear if it occurs again.


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