You can use post-review on a windows client without cygwin.
You will need python and difftools on the client thought.

By the way, how did you got sqlite to work on cygwin?

On Oct 9, 12:45 am, Paulo Eduardo  Neves <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Oct 6, 9:17 pm, Chris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > On Oct 6, 4:58 pm, Paulo Eduardo  Neves <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > I'm advocating the adoption of review-board in my company. The client
> > > and the server must run in Windows. Subversion is our version control
> > > system. I'm not using cygwin nor mingw.
> > ....
> > > patch: **** malformed patch at line 51: \ No newline at end of file
> > I've been experimenting with Cygwin, so I can confirm using that is a
> > good idea :-) All I did was add the Cygwin bin path to the regular
> > Windows path.
> Thanks for the answer Chris and Christian,
> my problem with cygwin is that I'll have to deploy the client in
> dozens of developer Windows machines. I don't want to force everybody
> to install cygwin just to have diff.
> I've tried unxutils links but it still didn't work. I've tried cygwin
> and the problem persists! Then I tried to delete the file where the
> problem is happening... and it works!
> I don't know if it will be a common error or just really bad luck.
> regards,
> Paulo Eduardo Neves
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