Scene 1
A and B wrote comments on my review, and I want to reply for each
comments, when I replied all comments on request view as draft, I
click "publish", and find only A's replys are published, B's are still
draft. If I reply on diff view, OK this time all comments get
published, but now my comments are in a new seperate review comments
block, no one could tell which reply replys what.

Scene 2
People wrote comments, and I updated my diff. I can understand in ver2
I can't see comments of ver1, but why not diff between 1-2? I want to
read comments of ver1 on 1-2 diff so to check whether all comments are

Any ideas? These small but annoying problems are major problems that
my mates don't like Review Board, and complain about the reviewing
policy, Please help.
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