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On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 4:56 AM, Terry Zhong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Scene 1
> A and B wrote comments on my review, and I want to reply for each
> comments, when I replied all comments on request view as draft, I
> click "publish", and find only A's replys are published, B's are still
> draft. If I reply on diff view, OK this time all comments get
> published, but now my comments are in a new seperate review comments
> block, no one could tell which reply replys what.

The diff viewer should never be used for replying to existing comments. A
new UI is in the works that will make this more clear.

If you want to reply to two reviews, you'll have to do so on the review
request page and publish each reply on each review.

Scene 2
> People wrote comments, and I updated my diff. I can understand in ver2
> I can't see comments of ver1, but why not diff between 1-2? I want to
> read comments of ver1 on 1-2 diff so to check whether all comments are
> handled.

The comments may not make sense on an interdiff. An interdiff is really its
own diff, and shouldn't contain comments from the other revisions. Lines
won't match up correctly in most cases and the comments will just end up
confusing. There's just no real solution to this. Furthermore, you may not
be able to create an new comment on a line if a comment from a previous
revision is showing up there.

If you're really interested in seeing all the comments, the correct place
for this is the review request page. The diff viewer page just shows
comments on that revision of the diff, or those range of revisions.


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