Hello Reviewboard Developers!

We at the TYPO3 Project are currently evaluating ReviewBoard for our
patch workflow.

As far as I see it, I am really impressed! There are just minor
details which would be nice to have:

- In our workflow, we require that there are at least 2 "+1"s (or
"ship it"), where one of these +1's has to come from a special user
group (core developers). It would be nice to have some global "status"
for each Review, which displays the overall status of this review.
(Which should also be shown in the Report listings in the table)

- We also have something like "-1" - "I am strongly opposed to letting
this feature come into the core". Could this be done as well?
(However, that's not as important as the first one.)

- Is it possible to have a default "diff base path" depending on which
repository you select? (We require all diffs to be made from a certain
directory). Thus, our "diff base path" is in most cases /.

- Is it possible to have default reviewers selected depending on the
Repository selected?

Thanks for your ideas! It will be a real pleasure to work with your
product! I hope some of the above will find its way into the trunk,
and then we'll definitely use it.

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