Hi Sebastian.

On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 2:37 AM, Sebastian Kurfuerst <
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> Hello Reviewboard Developers!
> We at the TYPO3 Project are currently evaluating ReviewBoard for our
> patch workflow.
> As far as I see it, I am really impressed! There are just minor
> details which would be nice to have:
> - In our workflow, we require that there are at least 2 "+1"s (or
> "ship it"), where one of these +1's has to come from a special user
> group (core developers). It would be nice to have some global "status"
> for each Review, which displays the overall status of this review.
> (Which should also be shown in the Report listings in the table)

Right now, we don't have anything in the code to enforce policies such as
requiring two "ship its" before you can close out a review request. Since
Review Board doesn't actually commit reviews, we can't enforce anything like

When you talk about a global "status" for a review, what exactly do you
mean? Can you describe how this would best work for you?

- We also have something like "-1" - "I am strongly opposed to letting
> this feature come into the core". Could this be done as well?
> (However, that's not as important as the first one.)

This has been requested by other people as well. We won't be getting to it
for 1.0, but it's planned for the following release. Right now, we just
suggest requiring reviewers to state that in the review.

Since Review Board is used in different companies/projects with different
policies, it's difficult to really start implementing a policy model that
works for everyone, so we tend to suggest that people enforce their own
policies using text in the review. If a developer has a review from a core
developer stating that it's not ready to go in, it just shouldn't go in.
Again, since Review Board doesn't commit changes, this has to be enforced
internally anyway.

We can certainly try to help where we can, though. My thoughts on the "-1"
is to give administrators the ability to specify a list of states. By
default, there could be "Ship It" and "Don't ship it," but companies could
add such things as "Wrong direction" or "Hold off for now." Each would have
a weight, and we'd reflect that in the dashboard and on the review request.

> - Is it possible to have a default "diff base path" depending on which
> repository you select? (We require all diffs to be made from a certain
> directory). Thus, our "diff base path" is in most cases /.

We certainly could use a better default. There is none right now.

What I'd strongly recommend is using post-review to handle creating review
requests and updating diffs. It will hide the whole base path from you, and
makes it much easier to work with Review Board. See

- Is it possible to have default reviewers selected depending on the
> Repository selected?

Sort of. We have support for default reviewers for file paths, but they're
global across repositories. We could expand this for the next release,
unless someone wants to do the work for this one.

Thanks for your ideas! It will be a real pleasure to work with your
> product! I hope some of the above will find its way into the trunk,
> and then we'll definitely use it.

I hope you do. :)

Review Board's pretty much a part-time project of David Trowbridge and mine,
and we're in general quite busy, with a large to-do list, so I can't promise
we'll get to all of those right away. Many people who use Review Board and
need new behavior contribute patches, which is the fastest way to get such
things in the code base. I should also point out that we're entering a
feature-freeze period soon for our 1.0 release, so we'll soon start pushing
new features back.

If you can use Review Board without the "-1" support and with using
post-review for now to get a better feel for your needs, file bugs/feature
requests, and maybe continue posting more useful e-mails like this, then
that would help us to design these features for the next release.

For other people on the mailing list who also want these capabilities and
have specific needs, let us know too!



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