thanks for your answers!

> As Paul Scott mentioned, you could write something to do some of this now,
> but you'd have to write custom code to use the API.
That sounds already almost like what I want. It's OK for the time
being. Perfect :-)

> Another feature planned after 1.0 is support for custom third-party
> extensions, so in time you'd be able to make such a thing part of Review
> Board while keeping it specific to your setup.

> [Default values]
I'll have a look into that, thanks!

> We won't be able to get that in for 1.0. We're entering freeze within a week
> or two, I imagine. There's a few key things we're going to try to get in,
> but the Ship It stuff is going to require more thought and time than I feel
> comfortable doing right now.
Oki, that's perfectly fine!

Thanks again for such a great project,
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