> OK. Currently, we have a mailing list for posting patches to, and as
> said, we require two "+1"s - at least one from a core developer. Now,
> many patches are still "lying around" as it sometimes takes a lot of
> time to review complicated changes.
> Currently, it is basically impossible to get a list of issues which
> still need one review - or a list of issues which are ready to commit.

Assuming that the Review Board (json?) APIs are still in a good state, you 
could probably use them to get all the data you need to generate a 
report/dashboard which presents the "still needs one review" list you're 
looking for. Regardless of how Review Board's standard dashboard works, you can 
use that page to present the information in a way that fits best with your 
group's policies, and calculate your numerical "status" value via whatever 
scheme you want. (And if you can pull in information from a database with a 
list of your "core developers", you should be able to come up with your "ready 
for checkin" page too.)

I know here at VMware we're planning on using data pulled from Review Board in 
both our more global CM dashboard and our checkin control system (which will 
likely do actual enforcement of a policy not too dissimilar from yours on some 
of our more locked-down release branches).  

Paul Scott
SCM Engineer
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