On 24. mar. 2009, at 03.01, Christian Hammond wrote:

> Hi,
> I don't really know anything about the Bazaar support, having no  
> experience with Bazaar. I'd definitely have written up some docs  
> about it otherwise, and would like to if someone will explain the  
> setup to me.
> The people who would know are Henrik Hedberg and Ben Jansen, so I'm  
> CCing them on this. Can you guys go over your configuration, give  
> us some tips and info we could put in the docs?

No new feedback on this?

I could help with documentation or whatever, if I only had any  
pointers as to how it's supposed to work. Review Board looks like a  
really great tool, but this is currently preventing us from using it. :(

Anders Steinlein

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