Sorry for jumping into this thread so late in the game...

On Mar 29, 4:47 pm, plumpy <> wrote:
> The way we have it set up here is that the repository configured in
> Review Board is the URL that contains the .bzr directory. In your
> case, this looks like probably
> Now if you're diffing against that directory directly, you'd use '/'
> as your base diff path.
> Two notes:
> * theBazaarcode that Ben wrote works a lot better if you have the
> bzr-diff-revid plugin installed. By default, 'bzr diff' doesn't really
> give enough information in the diff header to accurately identify that
> original version. The bzr-diff-revid plugin fixes that. You can
> install it by cd'ing into yourbazaarplugins directory (~/.bazaar/
> plugins on UNIX or ~/Application Data\bazaar\2.0\plugins on Windows)
> and doing 'bzr co lp:bzr-diff-revid diff_revid'.

Why not use bzr send?  It should have everything you need?

Also, I didn't see a BazaarClient in post-review... is that
intentional, or was there just no need for it?



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