The way we have it set up here is that the repository configured in
Review Board is the URL that contains the .bzr directory. In your
case, this looks like probably

Now if you're diffing against that directory directly, you'd use '/'
as your base diff path.

Two notes:

* the Bazaar code that Ben wrote works a lot better if you have the
bzr-diff-revid plugin installed. By default, 'bzr diff' doesn't really
give enough information in the diff header to accurately identify that
original version. The bzr-diff-revid plugin fixes that. You can
install it by cd'ing into your bazaar plugins directory (~/.bazaar/
plugins on UNIX or ~/Application Data\bazaar\2.0\plugins on Windows)
and doing 'bzr co lp:bzr-diff-revid diff_revid'.

* If you have a branch of my_proj_mainline on a developer box and you
want to create a diff of the local commits since you last pushed up to
the main branch, you can do 'bzr diff -r submit:'. (It'll work the way
you're doing it, too, obviously, but the '-r submit:' method doesn't
require two different branches.

If you still have problems, maybe you can give me a stack trace or
something. Or at least some better description of the problems you're

Michael P.

On Mar 28, 8:12 pm, Prabhu Ramachandran <>
> Hi Christian,
> On 03/29/09 02:24, Christian Hammond wrote:
> > Would you mind sharing your configuration (or at least a representation
> > of it) and how you manage updates to the repository, etc? Something we
> > could use as a basis for docs.
> Sure, it was pretty simple.  Here is perhaps a rambling overview of how
> I use it.  I am not sure this is optimal.  I hope it helps.
> cheers,
> prabhu
> Development with BZR
> ----------------------
> Bazaar is a DVCS.  Imagine a setup where there are several developers
> working on a common project.  Each developer maintains an independent
> branch on which they develop whatever feature they want.  They then copy
> (via rsync/scp or make a symbolic link) their repositories over to their
> web page, say ````
> One of the developers (the lead say) maintains a mainline or official
> branch which is also exposed on his web page say
> ````
> Each developer maintains an up-to-date copy of mainline on their
> machine.  Usually this is achieved with a pull like so::
>   cd my_proj_mainline
>   bzr pull
> Now when the developer is happy with a branch and wants to commit to the
> mainline they make a diff between the mainline and their branch like so::
>   cd my_proj
>   bzr diff --old ../my_proj_mainline > cool_new_feature.diff
> Upload this patch to the Review Board site.
> Setting up Review Board
> ------------------------
> First make sure you are using a recent enough version of bzr.  1.12
> works fine with review board's bzr scmtool. Add a new repository as follows:
>   1. Set the Name of the project, ``my_proj`` in this case.
>   2. Set the mainline project url to the repository as:
> ````
>   3. Set the tool to Bazaar.
>   4. Make any other settings and add the new repository.
> You're all set.
> Using review board
> -------------------
> This is pretty standard.  Just login, create a new review request,
> upload your diff ``cool_new_feature.diff``, and set the base directory
> to ``/`` (which works in my case).
> Fill in the necessary fields and you should be set for a review.
> Once the reviewers have approved the diff, someone (the lead usually)
> applies the diff to mainline and others update their branches and pull
> from mainline on their official copy.
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