I can't for the life of me get diffs from a Bazaar repo to work. Quite
possibly because I'm walking in the dark when it comes to configuring
the repo, as the documentation (which, by the way, is generally very
good now) makes no mention of how to register a Bazaar repo.

How exactly should this be configured? What should the path point to?
A branch with a working tree, or a shared repository with containing
branches? Or maybe even the .bzr directory? And when submitting a
review request in the web UI, what should the base diff path be? The
documentations seems to suggest that this is only relevant for

I have tried many different options (one example: pointing to a shared
repository without working trees and base diff path to the branch
within), but to no avail. Uploading the diff gives me no error, but
attempting to view the diff simply presents a blank page. Any pointers
would be much appreciated.

Anders Steinlein
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