On Thursday 30 April 2009 16:04:00 Alexey Morozov wrote:
> I'd like to ask how to properly setup/configure reviewboard in case of
> Apache/FastCGI installation.

It seems that I [partially] solved the installation issues. The problems 
noticed so far:

1. For sqlite3 backend settings_local.py must contains the full path to the 
DB, because working directory is / and ReviewBoard simply can't find the DB.
2. The DB itself should be created in the <rb-root>/db/reviewboard.db rather 
than in <rb-root>/reviewboard
3. File permissions issues should be mentioned explicitly (the DB should be 
web-server user-writable and probably, must reside in a web-server 
user-writable folder (I'm not sure if SQLite creates any temporary files 
during its work). Perhaps this is distro-specific but should be at least 
mentioned anyway.
4. Error-reporting should be more evident/elaborate. Is there a django module 
to perform fancy error reporting (with excepption traceback coloring, may be 
other nifty stuff)?

I'll try to fix [some of] these issues in the package I prepare for my distro 
and then publish changes, but not immediately

Alexey Morozov

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