I've tried to hunt around but cant seem find a simple answer to this

Im trying to install review board on windows and the guide seemed half
written, i.e. i installed all the dependancies then it just says once
you've finished getting review board installed you will want to create
a site.

After searching i found and followed this guide
which seems to have gotten me 99% of the way there now.

I can get all the way to installing the site then i hit an issue, i

Building site configuration files ... OK
Creating database ... Unable to read settings_local.py.

I've got mySQL installed and running (giving the root password to the
installer for review board), apache is up and running as is memcached.

The really odd thing is that it says it cant read the
settings_local.py file but it creates that file itself in the conf
directory of the site? Im running as the admin of the server as well
so have full rights over the files.

If anyone could give me a hint as to what to look at i really want to
get this sorted, Review Board seems like a great tool if only i could
get it working :)

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