I'm new to Review Board and I would like to use it in combination with
Perforce and post-review.

There seems to be no strong connection of comments and code changes.
In Diff View comments seem to be bound to single diffs. When you add a
new diff it is difficult to match old comments and new changes because
you don't see the previous comments. Questions like "Is every issue
addressed?" or "What is the reason for that change?" cannot be
answered immediately. You always have to go back to one of the
previous diffs and search for the discussion.

Our current review work flow is like this:
1. Create new request: add a large diff using post-review (might be a
complete new feature)
2. Reviewer and Coder add comments to this diff
3. Coder applies changes and adds an updated diff using post-review
4. Reviewer is satisfied -> go to 5   or  next iteration is started ->
go to 2.
5. Review done

I know that RB is optimized for pre-commits and I assume that those
pre-commits reviews tend to be much smaller than post-commits ones.
However, perhaps there is a simple solution to my problem if I
slightly change the work flow. Did I overlook something? Is it
possible to show older comments in the latest diff? Would this be a
nice feature?

Best regards,
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