Hi Christian,

Thanks for the response.
I am using firefox with firebug plugin. There is no error displayed on
the page. Also, the HTML source is blank.
I guess there is some exception occurring at the Server and the HTML
is not getting generated. However, I am not able to debug any further.
Where can I see the logs ? Do I need to change any settings to see the
logs ?


On Aug 8, 2:53 am, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Does the JavaScript console show any errors for the page?
> Is this with Firefox? Installing the Firebug plugin may provide some more
> useful information.
> Also, is there any content on the page at all? If you view the source, is it
> empty?
> Christian
> --
> Christian Hammond - chip...@chipx86.com
> Review Board -http://www.review-board.org
> VMware, Inc. -http://www.vmware.com
> On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 4:58 AM, Geetanjali <geetanjali...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have installed RB on linux for a project using subversion.
> > After creating a review request, on clicking View Diff, I get a blank
> > screen. The URL points to - http://<url to reviewboard>/r/5/diff/
> > #index_header
> > There are no error messages in the logs. I have installed pysvn 1.6.3
> > Can you please suggest any pointers to solve this issue.
> > Thanks a lot.
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