On Monday 14 December 2009 22:28:35 Christian Hammond wrote:
> Which version of Review Board is this running right now? I've seen this
> recently on the 1.1 alpha nightlies.

It's a slightly patched

> Also, what repository type is this? It could indicate a missing dependency.
> The error checking/reporting for that on 1.0.x is pretty bad, but improved
> in 1.1.

It's a custom SCM, so I cannot rule out that the bug is in my code. 
Dependencies should not be an issue, though, as the SCM client code is mostly 
self-contained and does all of its communication with the SCM via HTTP.

Do you have an idea what may be causing form.is_valid() to return false? Is it 
just the mandatory field constraints, which are being checked? The weird thing 
is, that according to my client-side dump the 'path' attribute is populated 

> Is this only happening to some people and not everyone?



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