Hi, all.
    Our team is now requiring that the code review will be an indispensable 
step in development. So we want to integrate the Repository with the 
ReviewBoard server. Then the development process will be:
1、Somebody have developed or have changed some source code of a product.
2、He use "cvs add", or then " cvs commit" command to commit his code.
3、CVS can then generate a Reviewrequest for this code change to RB. Reviewboard 
will notice the reviewers of the default review groups to make the code 
review.(The default review group will be where the commitor is in). 
4、All reviewers can review those code through web UI, And the code commitor 
will fix all found bugs and recommit.
5、When all reviewers has admitted that the code is OK, Then the code will 
automatically commit to the CVS repository.
6、optionally,A notice of code commit success will given to all participants.
That is, When the code editor want to commit his code, His code should be 
firstly reviewed. No truely commit to repository if any reviewer do not accept 
his code. This process should be forced instead of optional. Then how to 
realize those function? especially how to integrate CVS with ReviewBoard 
server? Need suggestions or documents related.
Best Regards!


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