Hi, all.
     I am using Reviewboard and my code repository is "CVS". I had 
previously thought the post-review tool had only passed a "unified cvs diff" 
file to Reviewboard server, So on the "view diff" page, users can only see part 
of the file (where change take place). And I found now, I can click the "Expand 
changes " link to see the whole file.  But I don't know how did the basic code 
file was provided to Reviewboard server. I don't think the file was posted by 
"post-review" tool, because I can create ReviewRequest through WebUI, And there 
I can only upload an "cvs diff' file. 
    So, can any body told me how did Reviewboard get the basic file of the 
review reqeust? and where can I read the source code about it?
Best Regards! 

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